Which of the following is not one of the ten principles of community-oriented police chiefs? (Points : 1)   leadership   ombudsmen   role model   legal advisor Question 2. 2. When the police chief acts as a coordinator of information between government agencies, between departmental divisions, and between the police and the public, he or she is acting in the role of: (Points : 1)   negotiator.   statesmen.   ombudsmen.   interrogator. Question 3. 3. The program where police chiefs and upper level management are afforded the opportunity to receive corporate training with many of the large companies and businesses is called operation: (Points : 1)   corporate success.   bootstrap.   business applications.   dilbert principle. Question 4. 4. At the turn of the century, a new management technique was developed by Frederick Winslow Taylor, which would later be applied to policing. What is the name of the management style? (Points : 1)   strategic management   human relations management   systems management   total quality management Question 5. 5.: The first police experiment that would move the practice of policing evaluation into the transitional stage was the (Points : 1)   Kansas City Preventive Patrol Experiment.   Dallas/Fort Worth Experiment.   Foot Patrol Quasi-Experimental Analysis.   Greene and Taylor Meta-Analysis. Question 6. 6. President Johnson established what commission? (Points : 1)   The Johnson Commission   The Wickersham Commission   The Omnibus Crime Control Commission   The President’s Crime Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice Question 7. 7. RCPI stands for: (Points : 1)   Regional Community Policing Institute.   Real Community Policing Initiative.   Regional Community Policing Initiative.   Righteous Community Policing Instilled. Question 8. 8. Which of the following programs was geared toward taking former soldiers being separated from the military and making them police officers? (Points : 1)   UHP   Troops to Cops   COPS MORE   Soldiers to Coppers Question 9. 9. The three types of survey evaluation methods are mail surveys, interview surveys, and telephone surveys. (Points : 1)   True   False Question 10. 10. President Clinton’s campaign slogan, “100,000 Cops” had nothing to do with community-oriented policing. (Points : 1)   True   False

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