Please address and demonstrate within the actual paper, the topics listed below. You have a minimum of 1,000 words to complete the paper.  Please note, this is an academic writing assignment, and your assertions must be based on research on this topic, not only your own opinions and experiences.  Please plan to use a minimum of four different sources in inform your views and provide proper citations.  The committee members will then review your paper and determine which remediation workshops need to be completed as part of your sanction. In this paper please address the following topics: 1.  Why is academic integrity important in scholarly writing? 2.  What is the proper way to paraphrase your work and why is paraphrasing important to your work? 3.  When conducting research why is it important to use reputable scholarly sources? 4.  When writing academic papers why is it important to have an introduction, supporting paragraphs and a conclusion to your paper? 5.  Define some important aspects of APA format that you should use when writing.  Note:Here is the required writing assignment (as per your SCC outcome).  Please read the instructions carefully.  You must use sources and be sure the paper is written APA format.  In the paper you should demonstrate your writing abilities by using examples (use correct paraphrasing, proper in-text citations w/references etc.)

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