Write a 500- to 700-word paper.  Please address the following question:  How has technology influenced the evolution of ONE of the following art forms:  architecture, photography, sculpture, and painting?Choose one of these art forms that really fascinate you.  Research it deeply.  Go crazy.  Think back to the museum visit.  Which of these art forms drew you in?Decide on three ways that you think technology influenced this art form, based on your research and reading.  Each of those three ways will be a major paragraph.  Write a thesis statement, based on Appendix T.Remember, you’re writing in THIRD person, not first.  No use of the word I.Then develop each paragraph, examining specific ways that technology effected changes within that art form.  Use details.  Use quotes.  Use examples.Next, write your introduction.  Here, you can use a personal example (and only here).  You might choose to start with your visit to the museum, and why this form of art drew you in.Finally, write your conclusion, referring back to that introductory example, restating your thesis, and ending with a final bit of insight.Make sure you proofread extensively.  Good writing matters in this class.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.