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I need someone to revise whole paper with know or nothing basically I need this paper written over and focus on the same key points in this paper but…

I need someone to revise whole paper with know or nothing basically I need this paper written over and focus on the same key points in this paper but write it this my old paper but I cant turn the same paper so I need this written over but at the same time using the same key points and I don’t need you to use the word flip gentenor or the article spend because I can do that myself

Mass Killings Gun Violence in America

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P1: Assault weapons have been used in a number of mass shootings.

P2: Perpetrators of mass shootings can be linked to untreated mental illnesses.

P3: Guns are a threat to civilians in the private sector especially in low income neighborhoods.

P4: Mental illness is a common factor in gun violence.

C: Therefore, mentally ill individuals with the accessibility to assault weapons are to threat to the safety of civilians.

The first premise is showing a trend of assault weapons being used in mass shootings. There are plenty of examples of mass shooting using assault weapons. Just to name a few, Fort Hood in 2009/2014, Washington Navy Yard, Virginia Tech University, and Capitol Hill shootings. Just as in the case of Nidal Hassan, the 2009 Fort Hood shooter. He used the most technologically advanced pistols one the most power pistols with a laser sights and high power magazines. He fired over 200 shots before he was fatally wounded and subdued. One thing all of these shootings have in common is that the shooter used an assault type of weapon to gun down a large number of victims.

The second premise is linking mental illness to mass shootings.  “Reports suggest that up to 60% of perpetrators of mass shootings in the United States since 1970 displayed symptoms including acute paranoia, delusions, and depression before committing their crimes” (Metzl & MacLeish, 2015). Looking at the cases of the shooters in the Sandy Hook Elementary School and the Colorado movie theaters shooters. Adam Lanza was diagnosed with schizophrenia and James Holmes displayed acute paranoia, delusions and depression prior to committing their crimes. Due to patient privacy protected by Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) laws, psychologist cannot disclosed the patient medical conditions to anyone unless the display an immediate danger to themselves or others. In some of these cases the perpetrator are most likely to not be treated for mental illnesses that plague them for years.

The third premise has to do with America’s obsession with guns. According to a report published by the FBI the number of active shooters incidents have risen dramatically. From 2000- 2006 there was an average of 6.4 active shooter and rose to 16.4 from 2007-2013. Another grim statistic is that 6 of 12 deadliest shooting ever in the United States happened during that same period. Lastly, the Harvard Injury Control Research Center states there is substantial evidence that indicates more guns relates to more murders.

The fourth premise is addressing mental illness in the wake of gun violence. Scholars who study violence prevention contends that the shootings that occur exceeds the statistical modeling and predictability. This spike in violence is due to persons classified as mentally ill. These people are high risk for violence because of untreated mental illnesses and psychotic episodes.

In closing, assault weapons are used by mentally ill perpetrators in mass shootings can be linked to untreated mental illnesses while guns are a threat to civilians in low income neighborhoods. Therefore, mentally ill individuals with the accessibility to assault weapons are to threat to the safety of civilians.

CA1: In mass shootings, handguns far exceeds assault weapons as the weapon of choice.

CA2: Accidents pose a bigger risk to civilians than guns.

CA3: Most mentally ill people are non-violent.

CA4: Mentally ill individuals are more likely to commit petty crimes not gun violence.

CAC: Therefore, handguns, and accidents are bigger threats to civilians than mentally ill individuals because they are generally non-violent.

The counterargument to the first premise has to deal with handguns deaths far exceeding the number deaths in mass shooting with assault weapons. The American Journal of Criminal Justice found that in 202 of 437 cases that handguns where used during mass shootings compared to 104 assault type weapons (Agnich, 2015). So this proves the point banning assault weapons will not decrease mass shootings.a


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