What is competency and what does it entail in a nurse? the behavior that a student is expected to attain, to promote the quality of care and patient safety

AACN BSN Essential VIII and Your Future Practice (graded)

AACN BSN Essential VIII clearly calls for BSN graduates to appreciate nursing history and its impact on today’s professional nursing practice. As you consider yourfutureprofessional nursing practice, tell us

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  • Howyou will share stories and lessons from nursing history with your nursing colleagues, and Molloy humanistic framework taking whole being into context, valuing the individual in the context of humanity, environment, and health gives meaning to humanistic nursing practice Important tools for success in nursing education organization, accountability, time management How is nursing curriculum different from other types of curricula? always being built upon How does ANA define nursing? the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities, and populations What do knowledge, decision, and psychomotor skills relate in nursing? It is the competency and applying these skills within the context of the patient How can advocacy be described? advocating for the patient needs, supporting their decision, always educating on safety and prevention What are standards of practice for nurses? to protect the public How do State Boards influence nursing education? indicates minimal level of knowledge or competency deemed necessary by the state to practice nursing without injury to clients What is the primary purpose of licensure for nurses? legal authority to practice a profession in the US comes from each state or territorial government, independent decision making, NY became the first state Who writes the Nurse practice Acts in each state? the Legislature Lillian Wald Henry Street settlement, the founder of American community nursing Florence Nightingale mother of nursing Dorothea Dix created the first generation of American mental asylums Clara Barton red cross What best describes the historical prospective of nursing? since beginning of time everything that has happened has related to nursing and where it is now Why is the image of nursing still important? publics view point on past experiences, always a positive response What is the significance of nursing pins? each school has an individualized pin after you graduate What organization develops the various standards of nursing? American Nurses Association What is the importance of joining the Student Nurses Association? networking/mentors, voice in professional issues, professional obligation, committee membership, decision making What is multidisciplinary health care? Teamwork, collaborating What is competency and what does it entail in a nurse? the behavior that a student is expected to attain, to promote the quality of care and patient safety What does nursing research primarily focus on? basic and applied, patient centered, evidence based practice What does the Social Policy Statement ANA support? Social Context of Nursing, nursing definition, knowledge base for nursing practice, scope of nursing practice, standards for professional practice, application of the statement How can nurses attempt to stop the nursing shortage? by giving a positive outlook on nursing What are some of the nursing roles open to nurses today? provider of care, counselor, manager, educator, leader, collaborator, advocate Why has there been a shift to community health nursing? The high cost of in house hospitalization What does the term knowledge worker mean and what does this involve in nursing? a person whose job involves handling or using information (critical thinking) and applying it How did the 1948 Brown report on nursing influence nursing education? Nursing should be accredited and established in a university What is one factor leading to a smaller applicant pool for nursing students? there is not enough nursing faculty, the salary is much lower What has a negative impact on the image of nursing? The media What are tasks in nursing? taking care of the patient How did Florence Nightingale influence nursing? founder of modern nursing, established first nursing philosophy based on health maintenance and restoration, first nurse researcher, changed society’s view of the nurse, nurses became respected and appreciated 5 core competencies 1. provide patient-centered care
    2. work with interdisciplinary/interprofessional teams
    3. employ evidence-based practice
    4. apply quality improvement
    5. utilize informatics
  • Howlessons from nursing history will impact your future nursing practice.

NOTE: Week 8 Discussion closes on Wednesday of Week 8, therefore all posts must be made by 11:59 p.m. MT. Any posts submitted after this time will not count towards your grade.

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