Must have book to reference. Dessler, G. (2011). AFramework for Human Resource Management (6th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ:Prentice Hall. ISBN: 9780132556378Do not write about yourself, your relatives, or your friends. Write about the facts, and how arethose facts related to the course materials and outside references? It shouldhave a citation in every paragraph that goes along with your reference. I amlooking for quality work. I am expecting a well written paper up to APAstandard with citations and references. Which include facts from a book orarticle not just the internet? Newspapers, broadcast media, and popular websites are not appropriate references. Always select and use scholarlyreferences such as peer-reviewed studies, articles from professional journals,or documents from industry or government web sites. Turnit-inwill be used to check for originality and proper use of citations. Must not havegrammatical errors. All assignments and discussions must have citations and references. Discussion 1 – citation and scholarly references at least 200 wordsDiscussion 2 – citation and scholarly references at least 200 wordsAssignment – citations and two to three full-text scholarly A three to five-page paper. Please seperate each assignmentWeek 5 HR