Utilizing the REQUIRED text:Schiffman, L. G., & Kanuk, L. L. (2010). Consumer behavior (10th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. Answer BOTH 1 & 2: Family and Social Class  One hybrid method of segmentation that examines both social class and  geography is called geodemographic clustering.  Visit the Nielsen website. Click on Zip  Code Look-up tab, enter zip code 78108, and note the results. Then enter another that is  different but within driving distance. Describe the segments  and their characteristics and answer the following items in your post:  Is your family demographic information similar or different from the Prizm report? Explain.Explain your findings from the data as it relates to you as a consumer such as:  Does the report represent your buying behavior?Do the merchants and shops in your areas align with your demographic? Do you visit the merchants in your area or go out of the area? Why or why not?          3. Compare and contrast the population median age, income, consumer spending and per household of the two zip codes.  What are the similarities and differences between the geodemographic clusters?   2. Subcultural and Cross-Cultural Influences  As companies look for additional opportunities to market their goods and  services in new markets, they may consider transitioning into a new  cultural environment.  Even if the firm has done its homework, the  transition to a new culture can be challenging. Research a product or  service that has successfully transitioned from a single culture to either  a subculture or cross culture. Answer the following questions in your  post:a. What challenges were faced?b. How were they overcome? c. What are the differences between both and the similarities?d. Why are cultural differences sometimes easy to overlook? e. Is the product successful in the “new” culture?