Week 2: Foundations of Business Analysis –Business Analysis and Complexity Overview and Rationale In order to demonstrate proficiency with the content in this course we will complete a number of different assignments to validate your learning – and allow you to implement relevant practices a real-world setting. Week 2 Learning Objectives • Create the Business Analysis Plan • Compare and describe the core tools and techniques that can be leveraged in the business analysis lifecycle. • Organize and structure a proactive approach to planning which ensure that all critical components of the business analysis process are incorporated into the structured plan • Address complexity though application of the BA Framework Essential Components For this assignment, use insights from the Pulse of the Profession: Navigating Complexity. Based on your reading and the insights gained this week, identify – for each category of complexity – specific issues to be addressed. Then, using the format of the Business Analysis Plan, determine how this plan can be used to address the project’s complexity elements. You may choose how to document your assignment. The following table shows the minimum requirements for the assignment: Complexity Characteristic Provide explanation for why this was chosen and how it affects this project What sections of the BAP can help address this complexity? Include the Section(s) and an explanation for how it will be focusedWeek_Two_PJM6610_BA_Complexity_Assignment.pdf