MUST BE PERFECT WORK FOR ME TO PASS THIS CLASSWebQuest As the media specialist at your school site, you have been charged with the task of developing a WebQuest to support the curricular goals for a unit of study. To familiarize yourself with the WebQuest model, you may want to read Some Thoughts About WebQuests and explore the information that can be found on its companion website at Identify a grade level and topic of study.  Using the format that can be found in the above resources, develop an original, short-term WebQuest that includes the following components: IntroductionTaskInformation SourcesProcessGuidanceConclusionYour WebQuest should be completed in either Microsoft Word or PowerPoint and it must have functional hyperlinks.  You must have at least five activities/steps within your Process section.  Your Information Sources section must include a reference page/bibliography of all resources you used for research purposes or for inclusion in your WebQuest.  Remember that this is meant to be an instructional tool for students; therefore, it should be engaging and interactive.  The use of graphics and other formatting tools is encouraged Kearney, C. (2000). Curriculum partner: Redefining the role of the library media specialist.  Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press.