INF342 Week 2 Assignment.docx (MUST USE THIS DOCUMENT)Based on the Project Requirements Document (see attachment), create one detailed project plan in a work breakdown structure (WBS) format that presents at least five major activities and at least three tasks per major activity. This means you will have at least 15 tasks in your project plan. Your detailed WBS should be in tabular format, with all of the following columns:Activity nameNamePercent CompletionStart DateFinish DateResource# Days DurationPrecedent Task Note: You must include data (real or imaginary) and populate your table. You can use Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word for your project plan. Special note: Your dates and Precedent Tasks need to make sense! For example if task #4 starts on 1/1/10, you need to make sure that a precedent task does not start after 1/1/10.Your diagram needs to be a minimum of one page. The assignment can be submitted in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel for ease of organization.inf342WEEK3A.xlsx (CAN BUILD ON THIS DOCUMENT OR CREATE OWN TABULAR TABLE)