Unit III Lab Exploration ActivityStep 5: Exploration Activity: SatellitesNOTE: The step 5 exploration activity will be submitted through Blackboard, not the MasteringPhysics website, as a separate assignment. For further clarity, please consult your professor.There are a number of Earth observing and planet observing satellites launched by NASA. Using information easily available on the internet and through the NASA website, select a satellite to research. For your satellite, answer the following questions:The satellite is launched by a launch vehicle, either a rocket or the Space Shuttle. What was the launch vehicle? What was the weight of the satellite? Calculate the escape speed.Describe the orbit of the satellite.Using the laws of motion and the Universal Law of Gravity, describe the motion of the satellite.Conclude your research with a review of the satellite’s purpose.Summarize your findings in a 1-2 page paper. Include appropriate formulas and calculations to support your points. Include relevant images. However, make sure that all images and information are referenced appropriately according to APA requirements.

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