using the hiddenwiki

Assignment -1

In your own words, describe the Dark Web.

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What type pf content is generally found on the Darknet?

What kind of information can be found using the hiddenwiki?

Assignment 2

Why are DoS or DDoS attacks so dangerous?

Search the Internet for one example of a DoS attack. Summarize (in 2-3 paragraphs) what was targeted and the damage caused to the business.

What tools are available to protect against DoS attacks?

Assignment 3

How Can a Thief Recreate Your Identity?

Using the following three examples, determine how an identity thief can piece together additional information about you.

Example A: You lost your wallet with your Social Security card and driver’s license tucked inside.

Example B: A thief has your name and your email address, but to get your passwords for various websites, he needs the answers to your security questions.

Example C: You use the computer at your public library. You checked your email and did some shopping, but when you left, you forgot log off or delete the cookies.


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