length :400 wordsstudy/research: case study functional analysis and treatent.pdfOne component of parsimony is examining assumptions. People make assumptions by taking statements for granted as truth, which is not always problematic. For example, one basic assumption therapists start with (after evaluating and taking on a client) is that s/he can help the client, which is not an unreasonable assumption. What is important is to be aware that you make many assumptions and you have to be willing examine them. Since you have examined parsimony in visual information, now take some time to examine parsimony in writing. For this Discussion, you will need to present a paragraph or two, point out the underlying assumptions, and rewrite it to make it more parsimonious. You can use your own writing (from work you have done in this class or others) or published journal articles (be sure to cite them). This will give you practice in identifying such assumptions and being more parsimonious in your future writing.

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