Unit 2 Learning Activity: Applied Project There are hundreds of learning management system software packages available to organizations to deliver and track the online training delivered to their employees. Given the rapid grown of e – learning and online learning management systems how should organizations develop the most effective learning and development strategies for their employees, traditional classroom based or on-the -job training, e-learning or a combination of both? In this applied project you are asked to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of using traditional classroom based instructor led training versus, on-the job training, self-paced computer based training, or Internet based e-learning for your organization (or an organization you are familiar with). To gain an insight into the online learning software currently available, conduct an Internet search for learning management system software and look for websites that provide a description of the features and benefits of online learning software programs. An Applied Project is a reality-based paper that focuses on a particular aspect of a unit. For each Applied Project paper Assignment, you are to visit your organization’s HRD department (in most cases this will be the HR department) to conduct research into the professional activities your organization are involved in. In the absence of you working for an organization or your organization is too small to support an HR department and HRD activities you can substitute an academic literature paper on the topic. In either case, you will write up a report of your findings. This report should be five double-spaced pages in length include at least three (3) referred or peer-reviewed references All references and citations should follow APA format.