Prepare a 3- or 4-page paper for this assignment. There are two parts to this paper.Design 1 or 2 user interfaces for a Management Information System. Explain how the user interface is consistent with guidelines for designing user interfaces and for designing a website.Using this interface that you have designed, explain the security risks and how these risks could be reduced or mitigated.Important: Paper must be done in APA Format Style with a reference page and in-text citations of source for any quoted or paraphrased material. Also important is that you pay attention to the assignment requirements. Also paper will be checked against plagiarism.Additional Requirements: This is not just a text report, because it would be hard to describe a user interface and it is necessary to show how the interface look like, whether you draw it through a drawing program (windows and mac typically has a free drawing program), or a free online program like those in here (, or if you have a paid program from you work or on your own (like Visual Studio or Adobe’s tool). I would even accept hand drawn picture scanned into a digital picture.

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