Q1:Great Beverage Company (GBC) often sells coffee, tea and related product to Hava Java, Inc. (HJI). Which own and operate a chain of coffee shop. Over the phone, representative of the two firms negotiate a sale of {44 pound of a certain kind of coffee bean. GBC sends a letter to HJI detailing the terms and ten days later ships the bean. Is there any enforceable contract between them? ExplainQ2:Karla contracts to sell her farm to Leroy, who is to take possession on May 1. Karla delays the transfer until September 15. As a result, Leroy incurs additional expenses in providing for hogs that he bought for the farm. When they made the contract, Karla knew that Leroy would buy the hogs, but Karla says, “Tough luck. September 15 was the earliest I could vacate the property.” Is Karla liable for Leroy’s extra expenses in providing for the hogs? Why or why not?

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