Superheated steam @ 40 bar / 500 degrees Celsius is supplied to the turbine of a Rankine cycle.What is the thermal efficiency if the condenser pressure is 0.03 bar.If isentropic efficiency of the steam turbine ( as above ) is 0.82 – what is the Enthalpy of the steam discharged into the condenser and the thermal efficiency of the cycle.Steam @ 30 bar and 500 degrees Celsius enters a pass out turbine at a rate of 18000 kg h- 1. The majority of steam is expanded isentropically to a condenser ┬ápressure of 0.03 bar, 32 percent is bled from the turbine @ 3 bar for process heating. If the condensate from this process heater is directly pumped back to the boiler ; what is – the power output from the turbine, rate of process heating and the efficiency of the plant.

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