the study and propose

(1) critique a new study that would address those critiques in the paper,

(2) pose remaining questions not addressed by the study and propose a new study to address one of those questions

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(3) think of practical applications of the study and apply the study’s findings to a practical issue such as designing children’ s toys or modifying educational techniques, or

(4) connect the study to material you’ve learned in this or in other classes and/ or discuss how the different theories we’ve learned about might interpret the research in the article.

Your essay will have these minimum components: (a) one introductory paragraph describing the main findings of the study and stating your topic, how you will extend the ideas from the research, (b) 1-3 paragraphs extending the study in one of the four ways described above, (c) 1 concluding paragraph, (d) reference list in APA format. Maximum length = 3 pages.


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