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you need to according to my outline to write the paper. and the idea is about benefits for the data analytics in auditingTerm Paper, First VersionDue: February 26, 2019The report should not exceed six

you need to according to my outline to write the paper. and the idea is about benefits for the data analytics in auditing

Term Paper, First Version

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Due: February 26, 2019

The report should not exceed six pages(12 font Times New Roman, double-spaced with 1-inch margins), excluding the cover page. Pages should be numbered, and the

hardcopy version of the paper should be stapled together. Include a cover page with your name on it. Please do not put your name on any other page.

Students should prepare a term paper on the topic of Data Analytics in Auditing. The growing reliance on analytics within both external and internal audit processes has resulted in high demand for individuals with relevant skillsets. You should view this project as an important step in developing your knowledge on the topic

. To familiarize yourself with the area, you can review the following sites

. You should then identify the specific aspects of this area upon which you

would like to focus your paper.


Some Important Journals

(Research Sources):

The Journal of Accountancy

The CPA Journal

Current Issues in Auditing

Accounting Horizons

Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory

Journal of Accounting, Auditing

, and Finance

Journal of Accounting and Public Policy

Journal of Accounting Information Systems

The Pennsylvania CPA Jo

urnal, published by the PICPA

The Internal Auditor, published by the Institute of Internal Auditors


Files: auditing.docx


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