the Operations Report

Question 1 of 20 According to the cost allocation methods used in the company’s accounting system and described in the Help section for the Operations Report for any of the four geographic regions, your company’s administrative expenses are El allocated equally to each of the four geographical regions. El allocated to each of the four geographic regions based on each region’s percentage contribution to total companynivide revenues. El allocated to each of the four geographic regions according to their respective percentages of total cameras sold and then allocated between sales of entry-level cameras and multi-featured cameras within each region according to their respective percentages of total cameras sold. El allocated between entry—level cameras and multi—featured cameras according to their respective percentages of total companynivide revenues. El None of the above accurately describe the manner in which the company’s administrative expenses are allocated. Assume a company’s Income Statement for a given period has the following entries: II’ICCIIIE Statenlerlt Data Quarter 1 cm nuns) Sales Revenues $5i},{}t}i} Production Costs 25,50!) Delivery Costs 1,500 Marketing Costs 11,5011 Administrative Expenses 2,90!) Operating Profit 14,40!) Net Interest 2,4011} Income Before Taxes 1AM Taxes 3,601?) Net Income $5.4m} Given the above figures, the companya€ms net profit margin {defined as net income divided by sales revenues, as per the Help screen for the Comparative Financial Performance page of the GSR) is E! 15.11% E? 22.3% E! 119% E! 19.1% tit 16.8% Question 3 of It} mPt’flQlIEtiflfl: 123EEEEEEEEEEHEEEEEE 11′ in a given year a company spends $3 million on new product development, design, and engineering for its entry-level camera line; $5 million on new product development, design, and engineering for its multi—featured camera line; assembles and ships 1,{}DD,{}{}D entry-level cameras and 2oo,ooo multi— featured cameras, then the company’s production costs for new product development expenditures for multi-featured cameras would be @ $25.flfl per camera [a $5.5? per camera [a $3.1m per camera [a capitalized and depreciated over the next five years, thus producing an average cost of $5.oo annually for each of the next five years [a Hone ofthese Question 4 of 20 mPtflQI-Ifitilfl: 1234§§EEEEQEEEEEEEEE According to explanations provided on the Help screens for the Production Cost Report, if a company pays a PAT member a $25,111“) annual compensation package, utilizes no overtime, employs zoo PATs, spends $1,{}{J-{} per quarter for training and productivity improvement for each PAT, incurs no severance expenses, and has annual PAT productivity of 12,ooo cameras, then the company.s in-house labor cost per camera assembled at regular time {no use of overtime) would be @I $3.45? If?! $3.33 E3 $5.1? LE?! $1o.oo If? Cannot be determined from the information provided miter Financial Data Depreciation $4,000 0ividend payments $2,250 Based on the above figures, the company’s capital structure {defined as the sum of total debt outstanding and total stockholder’s equity) consists of what percentages of debt and equity? The percentages of total capital invested that are debt-financed and equity-financed are among the factors used to determine a company’s credit rating, as explained in the Help section for the Comparative Financial Performances presented on p. F of the GED-BUS Statistical Review.) E?! 20% debt and 00% equity or 20:00. E5 25% debt and 55% equity or 25:55. @I 35% debt and 55% equity or 35:55. [a 54% debt and 40% equity or 54:45. [a None of these. Question iii of 20 If a company earns net income of $30 million in Year 0, has 10 million shares of stock, pays a dividend of $1.50 per share, and has annual interest costs of $10 million, then C] the company’s retained earnings for Year 0 would be $13 million (net income of $30 million less dividend payments of $15 million less $10 million in interest payments). 6 the company’s retained earnings for Year 0 would be $35 million. Cl the company’s earnings per share would be $2.30. @ the company’s


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