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Philosophy In The World Assignment

Read two articles from the news and opinion world. Use the publications

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list I’ve put on Blackboard. Don’t choose your two articles from the same


For each article, write a one paragraph summary of the article. You will

have two summaries total (2 articles = 2 summaries). Your summaries

should be in your own words.

For each article, try to uncover a philosophical question or issue buried

underneath. The article might not put things philosophically, but your job is

to discern the philosophical issue that is hovering below the surface.

You can either write or type this assignment. But the important thing is to

have it with you ready to turn in on Thursday when we meet for class.

No need to give me a copy of the article. Just bring your summaries.

Right above each summary, you should have the name of the publication


The New York Times

), the name of the article (e.g. “The President

Speaks to Congress”), and the date of the article (e.g. July 25, 2018). Do

this for both of your summaries.


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