the Liberty University

You are required to complete an analysis paper over the selected topic. The paper must be 3–5 pages in length not including the title page, abstract page, and reference page. Each paper must be supported by at least 3 scholarly sources cited in current APA format. You will use references from both textbooks and outside peer-reviewed sources. The peer-reviewed sources must be chosen from the Liberty University Online Library. Please consult the Analysis Papers Grading Rubric for more information about this assignment.

Analysis Paper 1

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Consider yourself within the context of the “ecological model” and discuss how this model has influenced your own development.  I was raised in a middle class neighborhood with my mom and dad.  My dad was an electrician and my mom was a civilian worker for the military.  I was raised in the church and had a tight knit community.  Please integrate that info in the paper.

You will recall from your reading of McWh


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