English 033Sample Ad Analysis Outline I. Introduction a. Attention Getter – Anecdote, question,etc. which places reader in correct of mind b. Introduce topic – shape comment about topic – general to specific c. Thesis Statement – State your argument explicitly II. Graphics a. Elements – images, layout, colors, etc. b. Overall effect – how do the support thesis? III. Language a. Elements – tone, style, form, etc b. Overall effect – how do the support thesis? IV. Audience a. Indicators – magazine, place in magazine, etc. b. Overall effect – how do the support thesis? V. Analysis a. Discuss how these tactics (II, III, IV) reveal an overall strategy – what are the intended effects? b. What are the unintended effects? Could they be beneficial, or harmful? VI. Conclusion a. Restate Thesis b. Summarize Main Points c. So What? 1. Why dose it matter? To the culture at large? 2. What ( if anything) should the reader do? d. Closing – final image or idea you wish to leave the reader with