the Kingdom of God

We can only understand Jesus’ message of the Kingdom of God by putting in its Jewish context. After reading the Gospel of Luke, select two parables that particularly struck you. Summarize the parables and indicate how they relate to Jesus’ message of the kingdom of God. What do these parables tell us about Jesus’ apocalyptic message? How do they relate to Christian life here in this world?

Now many Jews living in the time of Jesus believed they were living in the “end times.” And during almost every period of history, some people have believed the same thing. Could we be living in the end time now? How could the end happen? Hollywood has portrayed the end of the world in many ways—nuclear annihilation, invasions, volcanoes and earthquakes, comets or asteroids hitting the earth. Take time to reflect on how you and those around you would react if you knew the end was near. If you can picture this vividly enough, see if it changes some of the things you think are important and valuable.

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