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The International Coach Federation (2018) defines coaching as “. . . a thought-providing and creative process that inspires [clients] to maximize their personal and professional potential” (para. 1). There are many variations on the coaching process, but most coaching processes involve assessing the leader’s strengths and limitations, identifying goals, and working toward achieving those goals. For this Assignment, you will create a coaching plan for the leader described in the case study located in this week’s Learning Resources.

International Coach Federation. (2018). What is professional coaching? Retrieved from

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To Prepare:

  • Read the case study in this week’s Learning Resources. Assess the leader’s strengths and limitations. In addition, based on what you learned this week, identify the types of dysfunction the leader displays.
  • Read Chapter 11 in the Sage Handbook. Focus on the theoretical approaches to coaching and which might be most appropriate for the leader in the case study. Also, consider different development strategies.
  • Based on what you learned in Weeks 8 and 9 and earlier this week, research two coaching techniques (six in total) you think would be effective for addressing the following areas: leader dysfunction, leading diverse groups of employees, and ethical leadership.
  • Read the article “Conceptual Framework for a Positive Psychology Coaching Practice.” Identify aspects of positive coaching you would use with the leader.
  • Read the article “Beyond the Client/Coaching Dyad in Coaching Senior Business Leaders.”
    Consider which information you would share with the leader’s supervisor and which information you would not and why.
  • Read the article “Developing the Leader as Coach: Insights Strategies, and Tips for Embedding Coaching Skills in the Workplace.” Identify coaching skills you would recommend that the leader’s supervisor adopt in the workplace.


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