The Crane Family

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The Crane Family

Carol Crane is now 45 years old and has come in due to a court order for counseling. Carol has gotten two DUIs and doesn’t seem to think she has a problem. Although Carol only leaves her house when she is going to a bar. Carols children are both out of the house and Carol has been unable to hold down a romantic relationship. Furthermore, Carol was unable to fulfil her dreams as a youth and be a writer.

Counseling Goals

It seems as though Carol’s psychological well-being is at stake. Scientists have discussed six elements that is necessary for an individual’s psychological well-being, these are: “autonomy, personal growth, self-acceptance, life purpose, mastery, and positive relatedness” (Broderick & Blewitt, 2015).  Working with Carol, it will be important to help her gain resiliency through helping her integrate her self-representations (Diehl & Hays, 2010). This will help her to become more self-accepting. Furthermore, it seems as though Carol is facing an empty-nest (Broderick & Blewitt, 2015). Henning (2011), discusses enantiodromia; the presence of gains and losses simultaneously. During the losses that an individual experience, they lose the sense of self as well as the life that they had grown around that self (Henning, 2011). For Carol to grow she needs to learn how to leave her old self and embrace the new self that has grown around the losses of the old (Henning, 2011). Carol seems to have brought up a multitude of losses that she is and has experienced such as failures of romantic relationships, giving up her dream as a writer and having both of her kids out of the house. AT this point, it is important for Carol to embrace living alone again and being able to do things because she wants to. Therefore, another counseling goal will be to work on Carol embracing the new self.

Counseling Interventions

It seems as though Carol has not embraced the new self’s that she has had to create well and will be needing help to gain a sense of purpose and resiliency in order for her to move forward. Therefore, I want to help Carol work through the developmental dilemmas that are unresolved from her past with her (Henning, 2011). This way she is able to work through them and learn from the past and help to be able to grow into the person that is trying to be created, this will mean that Carol and I will need to understand the specific stage of development, identify the dilemmas from the past and work through the dilemmas in a way that meets present and past requirements (Henning, 2011).

Another counseling intervention I would like to try with Carol is mindfulness through meditation. It seems as though Carol may be worrying about her children as she is dealing with the empty-nest syndrome and other past issues worrying her it is important to help her lower those stressors so that she is able to react differently to stressful scenarios. It is clear that the empty-nest is upsetting to her, furthermore, she brought up not accomplishing a past dream of being a writer. By practicing meditation with Carol, she will be able to clear her mind and be present in the moment (Broderick & Blewitt, 2015). This is important as Carol seems to live in the past a lot. This will help Carol be able to reduce stress and be able to integrate her self-representations as we move further into counseling



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