Strategic Planning Department

For your Unit 7 Final Project, please assume you are a manager in the Strategic Planning Department of a multinational corporation that manufactures top-of-the-line, heavy-duty work boots. The Vice-President of Strategic Planning has asked you to develop a preliminary strategy for the entry into one or more foreign markets. You have to make the recommendation, based on your analysis, of the foreign market(s) the company should enter.

You must choose from one of the four strategic alternatives described in your course text.

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Remember, the components of a good international strategy will answer the following questions. Be sure to answer all these questions somewhere in your International Strategy:

What do we do exceptionally well?
This is your distinctive competence. You will have to describe the product attributes of the work boots and explain why they would be likely to be chosen over competitive products.
Where are we going to conduct business?
This is the scope of operations. Define your scope in geographical terms and in market terms or product terms.
How should we allocate our resources to this/these markets?
This is your resource deployment. You can describe it along product lines, geographical lines or both.
How can different elements of our business benefit each other?
You should suggest ways in which one part of the business can benefit another. This is synergy (like the Disney example). You can be creative and invent company products or services to support this concept.
Be sure to include the following sections in your final strategy (make these headings):

Mission Statement
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) Analysis
Strategic Goals
Control Framework
Summary and Final Recommendation
You will need to use additional research to get the information you need to complete your paper. Please remember to cite all references. Your paper should be at least four pages long and written in accordance with APA guidelines, with a cover page, double-spacing for the text, in-text citations, headings, and a reference page. You need to use at least three Scholarly resources for this paper.


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