John Isaac, Inc., a designer and installer of industrial signs, employs 60 people. The company recorded the type of the most recent visit to a doctor by each employee. A national assessment conducted in 2008 found that 53% of all physician visits were to primary care physicians, 19% to medical specialists, 17% to surgical specialists, and 11% to emergency departments. Test at the 0.01 significance level if Isaac employees differ significantly from the survey distribution. Here are their results:

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Use the five-step process. Very important: Use Excel, as shown in the document in the week 15 content folder called, “How to use Excel to work with chi-square applications” to work this problem.

State the null and alternate hypotheses.

State the level of significance, also known as “alpha” (α).

What is the test statistic?

State the decision rule.

Three parts to this step: (e) What is the value of the test statistic? (f) State your decision. (g) Interpret your decision.

Primary Care 29

Medical Specialists 11

Surgical Specialist 16

Emergency 4


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