Stage concert review

Watch this video,( and write an review about it. Also answer these questions below.

Questions on the Paquito D’Rivera on Millenium Stage concert review – to be answered at the bottom of your paper. This is in addition to the 600 words.
1 How many prominent themes are in the first song?
2 Who wrote the first song? From what album? How is this unusual for jazz?
3 When is the first big drum solo? What’s the timing?
4 What political topic does Paquito reference at a point in-between tunes?
5 At 29:00, what two musical techniques are being used?
6 Which song features the piano?

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Include these guidlines:

1) Was there a particular theme to the concert? If so, discuss. Example: I listened to Jeoffrey Ballet’s performance of Peter Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite Ballet.

2) You may emphasize one particular work that you found interesting. Describe its structure, instrumentation, and anything else that captivated your interest. You can do some research on this work and include on-line citations in the form of a hyperlink. If multiple eras were reflected in other pieces on the program, compare them to your favorite piece.
Example:  In Alastair Macaulay’s review of Joeffrey Ballet’s rendition of the Nutcracker Suite, he enthusiastically talks about the new setting in which the young heroine is a working-class immigrant who dreams of attending the 1893 World Exhibition in Chicago. I had mixed reactions to this new staging, especially the Spanish dance, which did not seem authentic enough….

3) Discuss the venue, etiquette or level of formality; for example, a club is very informal where as the concert hall is usually formal. How did this add or take away from the experience? (Even though you weren’t there, use your imagination)

4) 600 word minimum

5) Discuss style and stylistic influences, stylistic mix or fusion if you hear it in the program.

6) Discuss the instruments, how they worked together. Was there a conductor? Who was the conductor? (sometimes instrumentalists conduct in certain ensembles). In the music, what’s the texture, tempi, modes (major or minor), mood, era, composer, etc. Use music terms from the course.

7) Rate the level of musicianship, was the performance cohesive, engaging or virtuosic?

8) Aesthetic, did you enjoy the concert? Why or why not?

9) Answer the questions below the youtube link in the body of your paper at the bottom.


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