Lesson 15 Discussion What level (micro, mezzo, macro) of social work do you see yourself practicing in? How can you involve policy practice in your desired career?  Lesson 16 Assignment   Topic: Lesson 16 Advocacy Go to the following link: https://www.socialworkers.org/advocacy/policy-issues  This link will show you the key policy issues NASW is currently working on with Congress. Take some time looking over the 7 key policy issues. After familiarizing yourself with them all, choose one to complete your final paper on. Assume the person reading your paper has absolutely no idea what your key policy issue is or why it is so important (framing this way should guide you while writing it). Minimum 5 full pages, the title page, and the reference page do not count towards the minimum expectations. APA format is required. SOCIALWELFAREandPOLICYIITEXTBOOK.docx