A Day in the Life as a Social Scientist This is a written Assignment in which you will address the following topic: Imagine that you are a social scientist. Choose a medical event that could impact the life of someone you know and explore it from one of the social science professions as listed below. For privacy reasons, do not disclose any real medical event or the name of an actual person. Part 1: Choose a profession The list of professions on page five in your text includes: Geographer Sociologist Anthropologist Political Scientist Psychologist Part 2: Choose a medical event, such as cancer. Remember, for privacy reasons, do not connect the event to the name of an actual person. Part 3: Assume the role Chapter one in your text describes the methods that social science professionals use in the field. Use the following outline to explore the medical event as a social science professional. Refer to pp.14 -15 in your text, Social Science: An Introduction to the Study of Society, Fourteenth Edition, for more details. Observe. Define the problem. Review the literature and research. Use the Kaplan Library to familiarize yourself with the way other professionals have discussed the event. Formulate a hypothesis. Imagine how you would solve the problem from the viewpoint of your chosen profession for this Assignment.Whenever you are doing your research, it is helpful to jot down notes as you read. This way you remember the important points and do not have to go back and reread. When taking notes, make sure you are careful to mark any word-for-word excerpts with quotation marks. This will remind you that these are exact quotes from the reading and so will either need to be correctly quoted and cited or paraphrased and cited. This will help you avoid plagiarism when you go to write your paper because you will know where all your information came from! Kaplan University Writing Center. (2011). Writing a thesis statement. Retrieved from https://kucampus.kaplan.edu/MyStudies/AcademicSupportCenter/WritingCenter/WritingReferenceLibrary/WritingTypesAndTools/WritingAThesisstatement.aspx Be sure to get a full APA formatted citations for your reference page while you are reading the articles in the Kaplan Library. Simply click “Cite” and choose APA format for the citation. Part 4: Write your paper When you are ready to compose your paper, gather your findings in an organized fashion. Write your paper in APA manuscript format. Be sure to use proper citation for your research. Your project should be 750-1000 words in length and adhere to the following standards: Double spaced Written in size 12 font – Times New Roman 1 “ margins on all sides Separate cover page and reference page

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