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I need two papers –  Please use attached rubric the following rubric outcome

Outcome IV: Social and Global Perspectives: Articulate a perspective on power in the world and one’s own place in the global community. Compare and contrast the perspectives of diverse peoples.Analyze systems of power among individuals, communities, and/or institutions in different cultures.

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Exam due  June 24 at 12:00 AM (Included in final grade)


  • Write a 5-7 page paper
  • See Outcome IV Rubric
  • Align with APA Style Writing, including all formatting of paper and bibliography
  • Analyze the final reading, “Writing on the Wall”, in conjunction with a contemporary media from a global perspective (at least 2 pages)
  • Address the question, “Are the new digital tools undermining democracy or enhancing it?”. Discuss the role of social media in political change around the world
  • Use earlier course readings and discussions as a guide
  • You can use outside resources, but BE SURE TO CITE these resources accurately
  • Examine the issue from more than one disciplinary perspective  (e.g., historical, political and economical) – OR-
  • Present contrasting views on the question and defend a position with evidence
  • In the title of the paper, list your chosen approach from the two options provided above



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