Can someone help me write a simple instructional guide on a topic of  your choosing to fit this below criteria?This assignment should demonstrate your command of these elements ·  Audience motivation ·  Audience awareness ·  Ability to insert visuals ·  Creating text or detail that is appropriate and adequate for instruction ·  For full credit your instructions or directions must have –  Title –  Visuals inserted –  Use a logical method of describing a complex task –  Use a motivational style that makes the reader think the task is simple and doable –  Use iconography (like cautions or poison symbols) to alert reader of danger or care ·  Choose something “real” in your home or workplace ·  Make sure you don’t leave out steps ·  Make sure you don’t add so much detail that you make the audience confused or overwhelmed with your instructions BELOW – EXAMPLE THAT NEEDS MORE WORK (too simplistic) How to Change Your Car’s Oil – Save Money and Time I will be explaining how to change your oil. Everyone who drives a car should know the simple task of oil changes. √ oil √ oil pan √ safety glasses √ work gloves √ oil wrench    Your oil is the life blood of the car – it lubricates everything and keeps the engine running smoothly. What you need: Always:  √ check oil grade    √ allow the car to cool   √ keep engine off   √ wear safety glass –protect eyes from oil splash 1.  Take off the oil cap where you will be putting in the oil to relive pressure from the system 2.  Remove the oil drain plug 3.  Allow all the old used oil to drain into the oil pan 4.  Remove the oil filter (the location, size, and shape varies from one car to the next) 5.  Once the oil is done draining plug the oil drain plug 6.  Reinstall the new oil filter 7.  Add recommended amount of oil 8.  Put oil cap back on 9.  Start vehicle to ensure there is no major leaks Make sure you perform this in a well-lit area. Always wear safety glasses and gloves while changing oil.