Reliability And Validity In A Study

Answer the following questions:

  • How do researchers determine reliability in a study? Describe the major types of each.
  • How do researchers determine validity in a study? Describe the major types of each.
  • As a member of a journal club that is discussing the instructor assigned article in this course, what would you identify as strengths and / or weaknesses of the reliability and validity section of this article? Hint: Use Chapter 10 to help you answer these questions.
  • Post your initial response by 2359 Wednesday of Module 3. Late posts do not get any credit. Posts must be substantive and reflect thought and effort in the discussion. Each post must have a reference, correctly cited in APA format. Always remember to cite and reference your resources appropriately using APA format.  You should be using in-text citations in your initial response.  Use in-text citations as needed in your replies.

Understanding Nursing Research Building an Evidence-Based Practice 6th Edition, Kindle Edition

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by Susan K. Grove (Author), Jennifer R. Gray (Author), Nancy Burns (Author)


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