quantitative analysis project

Need paper for quantitative analysis project

need 80+

I attached the guidelines and rubric– it is not a group project anymore and need a paper . the format is the following:

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  • Introduction – What was your project? Why did you choose the topic? What was the main research question? How did completing this project demonstrate Saint Leo University’s core value of excellence?
  • Data – What was your data source? What dates did it cover? What was the web site you obtained it from? What variables did you include? Identify all dependent and independent variables. What were their values and what do those values signify?
  •  Descriptive Statistics – for your primary variables, be sure to include Table 1 below (you can cut and paste it into your document if you like).
  • Graphs as appropriate – scatterplot, histogram, pie chart, etc.
  • Testing Conducted – what type of test did you conduct? What were the results?
  • Conclusion – Wrap up your report in a concise manner. Clearly state what you learned from the results and any potential shortcomings of your analysis.on one of the following:

( you can pick from the following to do porject on)

-How does gas mileage depend on the [blank] of the vehicle? [Blank] could be weight, engine size, seating capacity, size (e.g. compact, sub-compact, SUV), etc. There should be multiple predictor variables included.

-How does the gender distribution of grocery store customers depend on [blank]? Here, [blank] could be the day of the week, the time of day, the location of the store, etc.

-Is there a relationship between [physical measurement] and [sports performance]. The [physical measurement] could be hand span, length of inseam, length of foot, etc. The [sports performance] could be free throw percentage, time for 50m sprint, etc.

-Does [measurement] depend on the area of town? The [measurement] could be the average street width, the distance between fire hydrants, the width of the yard between the curb and the sidewalk, etc.

-Can [statistic] predict [outcome]? Statistic can be virtually any published statistic for any professional or amateur sport. Outcome can be wins, playoff appearances, title game appearance, championships, etc.

-Are [locations] adequately staffed during peak hours? Using queuing theory, determine if movie theaters, restaurants, etc. are staffed appropriately.

-Does [nutritional content] or other predictor measure(s) of a cereal affect its price?

PLEASE look over quidelines


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