I need speaker notes for the Power Point Project with 2 to 3paragraphs along with bullets. I also need the medical websites url’swhere you get the information. The assignment is listed below, pleaseread everything and then let me know if your able to do this projectand how much you will charge.A successful health care organization greatly depends on thecollaboration between health care professionals and patients. You areleading a training meeting with colleagues on strategies toeffectively communicate with patients within legal and ethical aspectsof health care.You are to create a 6-10 slide PowerPoint presentation on the AmericanHospital Association’s Patient’s Bill of Rights.  Your presentation isto include each of the following:·        An overview of the AHA’s Patient Bill of Rights and anexplanation of its objectives·        A list of the rights and responsibilities included in thePatient Bill of Rights·        Examples of each of the following:o        Effective communication techniques with patientso        Basic human rightso        Obligatory rightso        Rights that are sanctioned under lawClick here to read the American Hospital Association’s Patient’s Billof Rights.Or http://www.patienttalk.info/AHA-Patient_Bill_of_Rights.htm

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