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School discipline is the hot topic in education that keeps leaders constantly intrigued about their next steps. Thus, there is a disparity among African American students and students with disabilities when it comes to school discipline. Unfortunately, the topic of discrimination has been associated with this disparity but our text by Check and Schutt (2012) wrote that there are other underlying contributing factors to educational problems. Thus, I believe that while race and disability may be factors, there are other situations and circumstances that should also be factored into the study. For example, students’ environment, availability to resources, and other mediating factors impact the measuring tools for the educational divide. Students with disabilities have evaluations and medicals diagnoses that allow those who are thorough enough to establish a sense of understanding of that student. Unlike the general education African American who has not formed relationships, their struggles are unknown. With the two demographics often overlapping, some historical information is known for that percentage. However, Nowicki and United States Government Accountability Office (2018) creates logical explanations for discipline problems among these groups. The report examined how mental health and trauma are contributing factors to the disparity that creates a domino effect that impacts education but also the ones’ potential earning ability. Discipline disparity is a school level occurrence that has its way of manifesting a larger social problem. The lack of education yields lower potential earnings, and this can be directly linked to missed classroom time resulting from suspensions.

Cai (2019) established that the discipline disparity is a nationwide concern that has been substantiated by data that approximately 50 percent of the students with disabilities are African American but they make up 70 percent of the out-of-school discipline. The more time absent from school creates a wider education gap with students falling behind, dropping out, and possibly entering the criminal justice system. O’Conner, Porowski, and Passa (2014) performed a study in Maryland public schools and validated that there is a concern about the disparity in school discipline. The findings showed that African Americans and students with disabilities were twice as likely to receive discipline that removed them from the educational setting. This removal ultimately creates an educational divide due to missed educational opportunities. Consequently, the suspensions, expulsions, and missed class time potentially lead to repeat offenses and lower future earnings due to the lack of education.


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