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Nurse Informatics Groups/Specialty


Review the informatics groups/specialty areas (public, clinical, nursing, laboratory, pharmaceutical, software/medical device vendors and other health care informatics groups – HIM, admitting, finance, and administrators).

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Select the three informatics groups/specialty areas that you believe have the greatest impact on informatics and rank them as to importance and preference. Note: This ranking will influence how you are grouped for the Collaborative Learning Community assignments in this course.

In a 1,250+ word paper, include the following:

1. Provide comprehensive, accurate, and relevant information on the three informatics groups selected.

2. Clearly state the impact the three groups you selected have had on informatics. Be sure to present compelling arguments.

3. Define ranking and provide reasoning for ranked choices.

4. Incorporate history and current position within informatics of the three groups.

5. Identify an area of interest, evaluate its current state, and discuss future trends and challenges.

6. Provide a brief review of the various areas of health care informatics.

7. Select specific area of health care informatics and provide evaluation of current state.

8. Provide information on future trends with selected area of health care informatics.

9. Clarify the specific challenges for the selected area of health care informatics.

-APA Style Guide, APA references, APA in-text citation, An abstract is not required.


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