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Methods II Preview Assignment Instructions (Worth 40 Points)

Methods II Preview Assignment Instructions

1). Psychological Purpose

The psychological purpose behind the Methods II Preview Assignment is to give you a brief preview to the paper you will write in Methods II next semester. Not only do I want you to see what will go into your eventual Methods II research paper, but I also want to make sure that you can write a clear, succinct paragraph for a research study that covers all of the relevant information needed to convey the important parts of a study in a single paragraph (i.e. an Abstract).

The Abstract is one of the first items readers see. You need to convey a lot of information in this very short paragraph, as the potential reader will decide whether to read your full paper based on the information in the Abstract. There are several elements needed in the Abstract about research studies, including information about: a). the research question(s), b). the participants, c). the experimental methodology, d). the findings, and e). the conclusions / implications. Being able to write a precise yet succinct Abstract takes some effort, so make sure you go through several drafts before settling on your final version. Make sure to include keywords / key phrases as well (keywords are an essential part of articles, as these are the words or phrases that library databases like PsycInfo provide to searchers interested in specific topics. Well, the authors actually recommended these keywords, so if you include them for this short Abstract Assignment).

2). APA Formatting Purpose

This Article Critique assignment should once again assess your ability to follow APA formatting guidelines. Use Chapter 14 in your Smith and Davis textbook for help, and look at the instructions on the next page for guidance with formatting

3). Writing Purpose

I want to make sure you can write clearly and specifically, summarizing what might be a 20 page paper in a single paragraph. This assignment serves that purpose.

Methods II Preview Assignment (Worth 40 Points)

You will read a paper written by an actual Research Methods and Design II student from a prior semester. This paper includes two studies the student conducted, with Study One introducing the main variables and Study Two offering an extension with replication of Study One. Your job is to read the whole paper and then complete your assignment in a word document, and submit it (attach the word document) to the assignment dropbox on Canvas by the due date – You can find an example of what I am looking for in Canvas as well:

In Part One, I want you to answer the following (2 points for each question, or 18 points total):

1. What is the hypothesis for study one? Please give me both the null and alternative hypotheses when you answer this question

2. What is the independent variable(s) for study one? Make sure you tell me how many IVs there are and how many levels there are for each IV


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