Police Militarization

Contemporary Policing

Take Home Assignment #3

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Please read: Chapter 15 (pages 355-357) and watch: John Oliver – Ferguson, MO and Police Militarization: Last Week Tonight on YouTube. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUdHIatS36A&t=2s)

In this class, we have talked about many issues that this video touches upon— Community Policing, Homeland Policing, Community-Police relations, Minorities and the Police and Ferguson, MO itself, in our review of the DOJ’s Consent Decree.

Using our past discussions, the textbook and other course materials, please answer the following question:

How, if at all, does the militarization of the police help or hamper with crime prevention and community-police relationships?

– Write a 1-page (250-350 words) response to this question.

Responses are due on Friday, April 3rd at midnight (12am).

For complete marks:

· All answers must be in full and complete sentences

· Make sure that it is clear what questions are you are answering.

· Put your name at the top of each page and within the title of your document

i.e. “Professor_D’Souza_Assignment #1”

· Only Microsoft Word documents will be accepted.

· Google doc, pdfs etc., will not be opened.

· Ensure proper spelling and grammar.

· Font should be Times New Roman, 12pt and double-spaced.


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