Lab 2 – Maximum Range of a ProjectileLab 2 (see textbook pages 54-64, Chapter 3 and especially Example 3-8, p. 60) involves a projectile being fired upward at an angle to the horizontal.  You are to program the spreadsheet Excel (a similar substitute software program is permissible) to determine the maximum injection angle, that will result in the greatest downrange distance, R.  Assume v = 10 m/s and g is approximated as g = 10 m/s2.  Fill in the data table, and answers for the blanks and complete the graph (properly labeled and θmax annotated) in the Lab Answer Sheet at the end of this lab.  {Hint:  watch out for conversion problems from radians to degrees in Excel}. Send in this Lab Answer sheet at the end of each week when you have finished the labs(s) for the week. Please put them in the appropriate dropbox. Access Excel.  Your data table will look similar to that found for Lab 2 below.  The injection angle, θ will go from 0 degrees to 90 degrees in steps of two (2) degrees.  Once you have the range formula programmed for θ = 0o use the “fill down” option in Excel to “distribute” the solutions to the other cells for the other angles.  Include your completed full Excel data table with your Lab Answer Sheet.  Then graph the data in order to construct a R. vs. θ graph.  Denote on this graph, the maximum range, Rmax and the angle, θmax where this occurs.  Be sure that your graph is properly labeled.  For Lab 2 return your Lab Answer Sheet with:  (1) completed Excel spreadsheet, and (2) graph of R vs. θimage1 is the excel spreadsheet info, attached is the lab answer sheet PH220.Lab_Instructions (1).odtPH220B_Lab_Project_Answer_Sheet (2).doc IMG_0213.JPG image1.png