PH220.Lab_Instructions (1).odt Lab1.odt Tutorial_instructions_1.docPH220B_Lab_Project_Answer_Sheet (2).docMotion Lab1 (Seetextbook pages 36-39, Chapter 2, Lesson 2) involves the graphicalanalysis of velocity.  This simulation can be downloaded fromGrantham’s Website under PH220. Simulations”; its file name is“EXP #1 C1 IP.ip”. Fill in the data table, and answers for theblanks and complete the graph (properly labeled and annotated) in theLab Answer Sheet at the end of this lab. Runthe simulation.  You will use the data from the “Time”and “position” measurement tables to fill in the data table belowat the indicated times.  Then graph the data on the graph paperprovided (Lab Answer Sheet) in order to construct a d-t or x-tgraph.  Calculate your answers onto the Lab Answer sheet to behanded in after all seven (7) labs are completed.  Graph,analyze, and annotate your data from your data table on the graphpaper provided on your Lab Answer Sheet.