Part 1 – Dichotomous Keys

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  • Due Thursday by 2pm
  • Points 2
  • Submitting a file upload
  • Available Mar 9 at 4pm – Mar 12 at 11:59pm 3 days

Even though we won’t get to set up biochemical tests, you will still get to identify the unknowns that you Gram stained.  Part 1 will be your Dichotomous Keys (last 2 pre-lab points for the quarter).  Part 2 will be the unknowns report, as described on p.11 of your Lab Supplement — due on Weds Mar.18 (more information to come about the report).   

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By Thurs. Mar12 at 2:00 pm, draw a Dichotomous Key for each of your two unknowns, then submit online — a scan (CamScanner app is good) or photos — for your 2 points!  

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