Optional CAT Questions #1 Critical Thinking Teens and Social Media

100 words citation, references

Optional CAT Questions #1 Critical Thinking Teens and Social Media

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Class Review this article or the article linked at the end of this post and share your perspective and ideas on how we can use the information in practice. Answering is not required but it will net you one substantial reply for the week. You may earn only one credit per CAT, replying to peers’ posts in the thread will not count toward your substantive replies.


Optional CAT #2 Teens Poverty and Depression

Class in past courses I have seen many short replies listing the external factor of poverty as a contributing factor for depression so I would like to offer a CAT to explore the notion. Is poverty a contributing factor for teen depression? Is acute depression or chronic depression more common? Does research support any changes in chemicals related to depression with poverty? Please research scholarly sources (not consumer web sites) and share the information you find and earn credit for a substantial Reply. Be sure to share the link to your findings on poverty and depression.

You are not required to answer the question. Students who do answer using a current scholarly source will earn credit for one substantial reply for the week


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