nervous system

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapters 3 and 4 in your course textbook, and watch The nervous system and the senses video. This week’s required and recommended materials will cover topics on neurotransmitters, receptors, neurotransmitter systems, nervous system structures and function, and neural pathways, with a focus on their role in cognition and behavior (both normal and abnormal). Remember, in this course our focus is on the neurobiology of psychological disorders, and these resources will assist you in completing your coursework.

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Option A

Complete the following:

  • Evaluate one of the neurotransmitters covered in this week’s readings.
    • Explain the role it plays in modulating responses to a drug of abuse in Substance Use Disorder (SUD).
      • For example, you could choose the acetylcholine receptor system and discuss the role this neurotransmitter plays in nicotine use disorder (addiction to nicotine).
    • In addition to your evaluation of the specific neurotransmitter and its associated receptor system, discuss the involved neuroanatomical structures (brain regions and neural pathways); the contribution of genetics and environment to the development of dependence, tolerance, and addiction to this substance; as well as clinical treatment interventions (both pharmacological and nonpharmacological).
    • Also in your discussion, imagine you are in a career position that utilizes a degree in psychology, including, but not limited to, that of a social worker, teacher or teacher’s aide, child care worker, psychiatric technician or other behavioral health staff, peer support specialist, social service specialist, probation or parole officer, case manager, or counselor.


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