Reread Community Innovation. Using the Scavenger Hunt worksheet as a guide, find the information to complete the outline below. Except for where you are asked to write a complete sentence, a couple of words or a sentence fragment is okay.I. Introduction (paragraph one)   Write the complete thesis statement of this essay?   II. Body (paragraphs two, three, and four)   A. Write the complete topic sentence (paragraph two)     1. Supporting detail     2. Supporting detail   B. Write the complete topic sentence (paragraph three)     1. Supporting detail     2. Supporting detail   C. Write the complete topic sentence (paragraph four)     1. Supporting detail     2. Supporting detailIII. Conclusion (paragraph five)   How did the author restate her thesis in the conclusion? Write the complete sentence.Write a summary paragraph of the essay. Remember a solid academic paragraph has at between four and eight sentences.My Essay Community InnovationEssay Writing Introduction There are certain issues in with the area where I live and to improvinge those issues there are certain is areas on which something on which the local governmentbody should focus its attention. There is scope for improvement in the facilities which are currently present in Dallas TX. In Dallas TX and in the street where I live oncalled Palisades Street in Dallas., one of the things that requires is Palisades Street needs more number of streetlights in the street, better garbage service and . Another thing to improve is that garbage man leave trace everywhere and there is need to focus on this issue by the local body.  One more thing to consider is that our sewer drains stinks and we would like to sort out that as well to improve the ambience of our area.better sewer maintenance. Three areas to improve As discussed above, there are three main concerns that are valuable for our area, if the local body wants to improve our locality. One of the concerns out of three is that Tthere are very less number offew streetlights that are placed in our area and afterin the dark there is very littleess visibility in the streets. This increases thecould bring in danger of road accidents since fewer lights do not provide adequate light to counteractcater to the darkness of the night. Walkers also face troubles due to the lowerless number of street lights since they do not have good visibility is not there to help them walk easily. So, iIn order to remove these problems related to street lights, there should be more number of street lights required to be placed in our area by local government. In order to increase the number of lights, local body should take care of the matter and help in organizing street lights. Another concern is that the local garbage man of our area leaves trashce everywhere and does not work properly in cleaning the streets and the area. Local authoritiesy does not take care to properly monitor the work done by the garbage man and they need to take this matter seriously in order to improve the cleanliness of the area. The garbage man of our area should be given the message that his work is being properly analyzed and he should work properly since the observation has found that he does not clean the garbage properly and leave the traces everywherebe required to do his job properly. Some modern techniques like new cleaning machines can also be provided to the garbage man so as to clean the areas more effectively and smoothly. If local authoritiesy would takes this matter seriously, the clean environment of our area can be established and fewerless number of infectious diseases would occur since mosquitoes and other insects and mosquitoes would be less in number. due to the clean area which would rather present now due to unhygienic environment. The problem of an unhygienic environment is also prevalent due to the fact thatcaused by our inadequate sewer systemdrains stinks. Due to this concern, the area surrounding the sewer drains smells very bad and the drainage system provides hindrancesis even more of a problem in the rainy season. The lLocal authority government should try to address this concern and should find efficient solutions to make this drainage system more proper so that sewer drains do not stink. Fliers and mosquitoes, that thrive in this environment, also causeprovide because for certain infectious diseases due to this factor as well (Redman & Maples, 2011). Conclusion From the above observation, it can be concluded that all the three concerns that are highlighted are very significant and if these areas are addressed properly by the local authorities, the area of Dallas, TX and Palisades Street can be improved. These issues, such as increasing the number of street lights, observing the work of garbage man regularly and making a proper drainage system would be sorted out, if the local body that is managing the work of the city provides essential guidelines to the persons that are concerned withto its care. The improvement in these things would lead to a clean and hygienic environment in our area and streets which would make us more secure and comfortable regarding the environmental conditions. and It would also decrease the bad effects that are prevailing in the area due to the improper assessment of the essential requirements city management.