Question 1 Which of the following access the member myAge in a structure named student? student >- myAge;student.myAge;student (myAge);student [myAge]     A structure consists of members which must all be the same type.       True        False       A structure consist of one or more items that are referred to as ‘members’       True        False      Which of the following is a properly declared structure ? struct { int val; }struct foo { int val; }struct foo int val;struct foo { int val; };    Which is not a valid C Run Time Area? HashHeapStackText      Which operator connects the structure name to its member name? *.->None of the above      Which run time area contains global and static variables? textdatastackquere10 points   Which run time area is dynamic and allows you to create additional storage areas in it at run time? datatextheaphash      It is possible for a structure to have a member who has been declared as an Array       True        False    It is possible for a struture to be declared with members who all share the same type (such as float).       True        False

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