Natural Selection Virtual

BIOL 1001 Week 5 Natural Selection Virtual Lab Schedule

Natural Selection Lab Report

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Date: 02/08/2019

Purpose: To apply the principles of natural selection to the effect of predation and background on the color patterns of male guppies over a period of 15 generations.

Natural Selection Virtual Lab Schedule

Note: You will complete the online Natural Selection Virtual Lab and this lab report in the following order:

1. Link to the online Natural Selection Virtual Lab and follow the lab instructions. Stop when the STOP sign appears in the virtual lab.

2. Complete Step 1 in the Results section of this lab report.

3. Complete the Hypothesis section of this lab report.

4. Return to the virtual lab and finish conducting the virtual experiment.

5. Record your observations from the virtual experiment by completing Step 2 in the Results section.

6. Complete the Analysis and Conclusion sections of this lab report.

7. Submit the finished lab report to your Instructor, following the submission instructions in your online classroom.


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