Question 1 1.  Which character is the NULL Terminator Character? ‘n’ ‘’ ‘1’ ‘ ‘ Question 2 1.  What is the right include file to include when using the isupper library function? stdio.h string.h ctype.h chars.h Question 3 1.  Which string library function is used to compare two strings to determine if they are equal? strlen strcmp strcpy strcat Question 4 1.  According to Tim, a string is a series of characters that ends with what character? blank tab new line null terminator Question 5 1.  To determine if two strings (string1 and string2) are equal, just say:  if (string1 == string2) True False Question 6 1.  What is the right file to include to work with C String Library Functions stdlib.h str.h stdio.h string.h Question 7 1.  The table we studied this week that contains the numerical representation of each character is … ANSI ASCII Alphabet Digit Question 8 1.  In C, each character is translated to what type so the computer can better understand the character value real float int double Question 9 1.  What letter is printed by:  printf (‘%c n’, char_val = ‘a’ + 6);  d e f g Question 10 1.  A string is an array of what type? floats characters reals doubles