1. The amount of time it takes for one cycle is called the ______________. 2.  is the symbol used to represent ______________. 3. The symbol for ______________ reactance is 4. The base unit for capacitive reactance is the ______________. 5. The resultant of the phasor addition of XC and R is their total opposition in ohms called ______________. 6. A series circuit has different voltage drops but one common ______________. 7. ______________ is the ability of a conductor to produce voltage when the current varies. 8. The symbol for inductance is L, and the unit is the ______________. 9. The ability of a conductor to induce voltage in itself when the current changes is its ______________. 10. The most common trouble in coils is a(n) ______________ winding. 11. Three capacitors of 10, 20, and 50 microF are connected in parallel. Calculate the total capacitance. 12. Three capacitors of 8, 10, and 40 microF are connected in series. Calculate the total capacitance. 13. Two capacitors C1 = 0.01microF and C2 = 0.02microF are in series with a voltage source of Vt = 30Vrms, f = 15.915kHz. Calculate the total capacitive reactance of the series circuit. 14. Two coils of 10H each are connected in series aiding and have a mutual inductance of 0.75H. Calculate total inductance. 15. Three inductors of 20, 30, and 60mH are connected in parallel. Assume no mutual inductance. Calculate the total inductance